Valli Trilobal Polyester Embroidery Threads

Excellent Strength:

Valli Trilobal Polyester Embroidery Threads are having double the strength of Viscose Rayon and so there will be almost no breakages. You can even increase the speed (800spm) of your Embroidery Machine and thus using Valli Trilobal Polyester Embroidery Threads will increase your daily production considerably. They are having excellent elastic nature and showing good abrasion resistance. They resist intensive wear and tear better than Viscoue Rayon and thus are usable even in heavy wear applications.

Excellent Colour Fastness:

Valli Trilobal Polyester Embroidery threads are giving Excellent Colour Fastness properties that no other Viscose Rayon Embroidery threads even think of. You can trust Valli Trilobal Polyester Embroidery threads for high colour fastness requirement applications. They can be used on garments to be washed with chlorinated detergents. Thus they are suitable for using in Denim Garments. They are showing excellent sunlight resistance also.

Excellent Colour Matching and Evenness:

They are dyed in around 140 deg. centigrade in HTHP machines with high quality dyestuffs. So, the chances of colour variations and unevenness are very rare. You can overcome these problems that often happen in Viscose Rayon threads. Matching is done by a spectrophotometer attached with a computerized colour matching. So the color matching is fast and accurate.

Excellent Resistance to Chemicals:

Valli Trilobal Polyester Embroidery Threads are unaffected by Chlorine and Peroxide Bleaching. They are unaffected by most of the organic acids and by most of the mineral acids. Also they are unaffected by insects and micro organisms.

Excellent Productivity and Profitability:

Due to their great strength the breakages are very rare, thus avoiding the production loss. Their elasticity and strength allows you to increase your machine speed resulting more production.