Our unit is equipped with a Modern Dye House which consist of DALAL HIGH PRESSURE HIGH TEMPERATURE(HTHP) MACHINES for dyeing.They are all Micro Processor controlled to ensure the correct and quality dyeing.Our quality control is equipped with a computerised colour matching system with Minolta Spectrophotometer, which ensures correct shade matching, Colour Evenness and superior Fastness properties.

The unit is having a modern Effluent Treatment Plant to treat the water coming out of the unit. The Dyeing Factory is located in 10 acres of our own land,which includes an Agriculture Farm. This farm is cultivated only by the treated effluent water,which is coming out of Dye House.

We are proud that we are equipped with the World's #1 WINDING MACHINES OF HACOBA, from Germany. And we are the first and only one to have these machines in INDIA.These Winding Machines delivers HIGH QUALITY WINDING PATTERNS, ACCURATE THREAD LENGTHS, ADEQUATE LUBRICATION AND EXCELLENT FINISHING.

These machines are fully automatic and so the thread laying and other winding qualities are maintained by microprocessors thus maintain the same quality per cone to cone.

We are using only 2deg cones for sewing threads which ensures easy offwinding and reducing the problem of missing of stitch.The filament yarn and Embroidery threads winding is done in king spools which reduces the slipping of thread and problem of "cone jumping".

Our quality control lab is equipped with modern apparatus to ensure the quality of our products. A Minolta Spectrophotometer is used to ensure the correct shades and so the lot to lot colour variations are minimised.The friction of the thread is measured with a Mesdan Friction Tester to ensure the adequate lubrication.The colour fastness parameters are tested in an automatic washing machine and a crock meter is used to check the rubbing fastness.The strength and twist of the threads are measured using a computerised strength tester.