Spun Polyester Sewing Threads

Opal Sewing Threads are made of Super High Tenacity Polyester Fibre which assures their great strength. Their low shrinkage properties help to eliminate puckering.Their adequate elongation offers good seam strength and avoids breakages.

They are dyed in Modern Automated Dyeing Plant in HTHP Dalal Cheese Dyeing Machines using only Eco-Friendly Dyes and Chemicals from the reputed companies like Clariant and Ciba.

Because of using a computerised colour matching system with spectrophotometer the shade matching is exact and fast.

They can be used even in contrast colour stitching without any problems of colour staining or bleeding.

The unique advantage of opal Sewing Threads is coming from their great winding.

opal is the only Sewing Thread available in India with the advantage of Hacoba Winding.These World's #1 Winding Machines ensures easy offwinding even at very high speeds, excellent lubrication and accurate thread lengths.

Opal Sewing Threads are having excellent Colour Fastness characteristics. opal sewing threads are tested under ISO standards in a modernsied lab to ensure their Washing Fastness, Rubbing Fastness and other physical and chemical characteristics. The friction is tested with a Mesdan Friction tester to ensure the optimum lubrication.

They are OKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified and they are Eco-Friendly.